Easter Recipe Roundup

If you are celebrating Easter, here are some tried and true recipes to inspire your holiday cooking!  Click on the highlighted title to access the recipe.  Happy Easter!


image image

Easy Provencal Leg of Lamb

Sublime Leg of Lamb

Gruyere Thyme Scalloped Potatoes

Spring Pea and Edemane Salad

Glorious Pizza Gaina

Deep  Dish Asparagus and Ham Quiche


Asparagus and Shrimp Microwave Risotto


Lemony Berry Cheesecake Trifle

Lemon Tart


Pansy Topped Shortbreads


Peeps S’Mores



17 thoughts on “Easter Recipe Roundup

    • When I met Loretta in person this week we were talking about Selma and how she had helped us both with blogging. We talked about other blogger reunions and your friendship with Selma in particular. One of the luncheon guests had just hosted an ex pat dinner and had made Selma’s leg of lamb with harissa. I told Loretta Selma was looking down on us and smiling. Her positive influence still lives on. Happy Easter to you!

      • How absolutely wonderful, I love that. Selma does indeed live on, I know she does with me and in my kitchen, and how lovely that people are still making her recipes across the globe.
        That lunch event looked so lovely, and the photo of you both was fab, so nice to see. I was trying to explain to my mother in law than when fellow bloggers meet, we don’t need introductions, there’s no discomfort, we know each other already. We’ve often conversed more often and regularly than we have with our own family members, and when we meet in person, that conversation just continues 🙂 I love it x

  1. What a great roundup of recipes Johanne. I’ve never cooked risotto before, and I see that’s one of your recipes featured. Will definitely have to give it a go. I hope you and your family enjoyed a pleasant Easter Sunday.

  2. Those tulips are just fantastic…what colors. We, as a Dutch-American household always have a vase of tulips when they are available at the market…next time I am going to get a big variety of colors just like your photo. Happy Day Johanne.

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