Macy’s New York Flower Show 2017

There is a flowering miracle on 34th Street. The annual Macy’s Flower Show opened on March 26th with this year’s fun Carnival theme.  From the blooming windows along Herald Square to the jaw dropping interior displays, the store is abloom with tens of thousands of flowers.  There is a full size, working carousel!  Each seat of the ferris wheel showcases a spectacular floral arrangement.  Bumper cars overflowing with blooms appear in store isles. This enchanting show runs for 2 weeks until April 9th and is free.  If you can’t make it into the store during business hours, take in the spectacular store windows, as magical as the famous holiday ones.   Macy’s hosts flower shows this year in 3 locations:  NYC, San Francisco and Chicago.  Hélas, the Philadelphia store was not selected this year.  Join me at the carnival!

6 thoughts on “Macy’s New York Flower Show 2017

    • I stumbled upon the Philly show a few years ago and remembered it was soon after the Flower Show. I didn’t want to miss it and looked it up only to discover it was no longer going to be held here but there was one in NYC. It is such a wonderful gift to the public that Macy’s puts on. Maybe you’ll be lucky to see it next year Trudy!

  1. How incredible Johanne! The theme is so much fun, the flowers all look like smiling children spilling over the carnival rides! I just love the pots on the Ferris wheel and the flower covered carousel horses! Too fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing! It’s sad to see Macy’s closing in so many locations, such an American icon…

    • It is sad to see such an American icon closing so many stores. I fear our downtown location is facing an uncertain future since the flower show was not held there this year. What the NYC store put on for this year’s flower show was nothing short of spectacular and such a gift for the public fortunate enough to take it in. When I was there, the store was mobbed! Hopefully everyone was shopping!

  2. Fantastic Photos of exhibits. Loved the horse carousel aspect of it.

    Thanks for sharing-I have never heard of this Macys event.



    • I stumbled on the Philly one a few years ago in the old Wannamaker building and it was magnificent. I was searching for the date this year when I realized they had canceled it for Philly but there would be one in NYC. I am so glad I went. It was spectacular. Feel bad for all the Macys that will be closing.

      Johanne Lamarche


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