Middle-Eastern Zucchini Dip


“Pennsylvanian Tom Roy designated August 8th as “National Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day”. To celebrate it, you simply wait until the dead of night and quietly creep up to your neighbors’ front doors, leaving plenty of zucchini for them to enjoy.”

Farmer’s Almanac

After tempting you with Snickers zucchini cookies last week, I am here to redeem myself with a more wholesome recipe that packs 6 cups of zucchini.  So if you are like me and have neighbors gifting you with humongous zucchini, this is a delicious way to use up this bountiful summer crop.  Middle Eastern cuisine is one of my favorites and this zucchini dip is a spin on the popular baba ghanoush. Its texture is a lot like artichoke dip.  Serve with warm pita wedges. Really delicious.

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